Deer Hunting

White River Deer Hunts – 2017

Please Note: all dates listed below for 2017 are considered “Tentative” until the SDGF&P formally announces the seasons. However, based on the historical timing of the season’s opening dates, these should be correct.

2009 Hunt Pics

Archery Season
The 2017 archery season will most likely run September 23, 2017 – January 31, 2018. Archery tags are unlimited and available online at, at the licensing office in Pierre, SD, or by application through the mail. When applying for your archery license indicate Unit ARD-WR1 01 (West River archery deer) or Statewide Archery (check the regulations since you can buy both an east river and west river tag if you plan to hunt both regions; or a statewide tag).

Larry Weishuhn

Firearm Season
The 2017 rifle season will run November 11 - 26, 2017. There are a number of license options to consider. There is an early drawing for the West River Special Buck (WRD-WR1-01) that had an early April deadline and a fee of approximately $595 that greatly increases your chances of drawing an “Any Deer” tag. The regular drawing lets you apply for "Any Deer" (WRD-45A-08) or "Any Whitetail" (WRD-45A-18) for approximately $396 which lets you shoot a buck and a doe. The deadline for the first draw is around July 20th. There is also a 3rd draw for non-residents with a deadline of September 3rd. We have yet to have a hunter be unsuccessful in receiving their deer tag if they apply by the deadline. Rifle tags are becoming tougher to draw, so the West River Buck is your best bet. Otherwise it’s important that you get into the 1st and 3rd draws. Please note: It’s not worth the effort putting in for the 2nd draw as there are never any non-resident tags left. In the 3rd draw they combine all tags which then become available to anyone that applies.

Deer Hunting Trophy
License Information and applications will be available online towards the end of June at  Click on Licenses & Reservations, Limited Issue Licenses, and then Big Game Application.  The code for the regular draw is WRD-45A and then the tag you want (the ranch is in LYMAN County which is unit 45A).  Non-Resident single tag licenses were $195 and double-tag (one buck/one antlerless) were $245 for '10, and might be slightly more this year. The number of non-resident licenses is limited, but there are actually three draws as noted above. In the third draw they combine all remaining resident and non-resident tags. The "Any Deer" licenses go first, so you want to keep applying if you want this license and a shot at one of our trophy mule deer if one presents himself.

Deer Hunting Party

How Many Hunters Does the Ranch Accommodate?
For the 2017 season the maximum party size will be six rifle or archery hunters at any given time. Dates are available on a first come basis for the five day periods noted below and are based on when your hunt contract and deposit is made. We are flexible on the archery dates, so if the dates listed below do not work, please let us know and we'll work something out that does.

Is this a “Guided” Hunt?
All of our hunts are what we consider “self-guided” or “semi-guided”. Someone will always be at the ranch to meet you and to provide you with the lay of the land, stand locations, property lines, etc. You will also receive a detailed map that outlines all food plots, stand locations (with GPS coordinate), etc. If you need to have a “guide” to assist you with your hunt, we can coordinate a guide at a cost of $275 per day per group. A guide will assist in getting hunters on-stand, game retrieval, dressing and hanging.

Hunt Costs – 2017
        September 24 – October 20                $1,500
        October 24 – November 10                 $1,850 (rut hunt)
        November 28 – Dec. 31                       $1,350
        November 11 – 15                                $3,500
        November20 – 26                                $3,500
        Dates TBD for ‘11 (residents only) $2,500

Combo Archery & Rifle Hunts - $5,000
If you would like to consider a combination hunt we can handle it one of two ways. You can book an early bow hunt and then come back for rifle season. Or, you can hunt with bow for five days up to the opening of the firearms season and then hunt for five additional days. With a legal archery tag and a firearms tag a hunter can tag (2) bucks. The fee noted above is based on shooting one buck for the season whether rifle or bow. If you shoot a 2nd buck there will be an additional $1,000 charged.

Archery Late Season
     Nov. 28 - Dec. 31, 2017     Any 5 day period - $1,350
     Jan. 1 - Jan. 31, 2017        Any 5 day period (whitetail antlerless only)   $750

Available Hunt Dates:
There are still archery and rifle hunts available for 2017. Please contact us to confirm specifics on the dates you are considering.

All dates are available on first come basis. From early-December until the end of the season hunting can be hit or miss depending on the food sources still available on the ranch.

Please note: 6% SD state tax will be added to the cost of each hunt.

Ranch Location (Click here to view map)

Lodging (Click here for more info)

All dates are available on first come basis. After mid-December hunting can be hit or miss depending on the food sources still available on the ranch.

Please note:
6% SD state tax will be added to the cost of each hunt.

Booking Your Hunt:
A contract will be mailed to you when you book your hunt. This will outline all details for your hunt (dates, cost, etc).

A 50% deposit is due when your hunt contract arrives.
The remaining balance is due 30-days prior to your hunt date.

Cash or Check only made payable to White River Hunts L.L.C.

Booking Your Hunt:
  A contract will be mailed to you when you book your hunt (verbally or via email). Contracts will outline all details for your hunt (dates, booking details, cost, etc).
 A 50% deposit is due when your hunt contract arrives. Please sign, date and return your contract along with deposit and waiver of liability form and then we will return a signed copy as the confirmation of your hunt.
The balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the respective season.

Please send your Check made payable to White River Hunts L.L.C.
Cancellation Policy (please read)
Any hunt cancelled at least 120 days prior to the start of the season (archery or rifle) will receive 50% of their original deposit. If you cancel after that date and up to 31 days prior to the start of the respective season, no refund will be provided.

Note: In both case outlined above, if we are able to fill the dates for the hunt you cancelled, we will apply your original deposit (less a 20% fee) towards a hunt in the following year. If you think you’ll need to cancel please do so as soon as possible so that you don’t leave us hanging at the eleventh hour and so it provides us the opportunity to book your dates with other hunters (dependent upon license availability, etc) and provide you with a refund. Doing this works in your favor and those of WRH’s.

Waiver of Liability

Hunters must sign a waiver of liability before their hunt begins. Please return with your hunt contract.

For more information or to book your hunt, contact Rich Sundberg at 952-237-6868 or email at